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4 Ways Manufacturers Benefit from a Marketing Website on HubSpot CMS
TaylorAug 11, 20216 min read

4 Ways Manufacturers Benefit from a Marketing Website on HubSpot CMS

Manufacturers with websites on HubSpot CMS can effectively attract & convert the right target audience.

Most manufacturers know that in order to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, remain relevant in their industry, and establish a recognizable brand, a marketing website is essential — especially in a digitally-driven age.

A question our marketing agency gets asked often is, “what platform should I build my website on?” Business owners and in-house marketers wonder if they should use a traditional website platform or a CMS website builder like WordPress or HubSpot CMS.

We get it. There are many options out there, and all of them boast of having the features you need to build a compelling and effective marketing website. Making the right choice is critical because where and how your website is built matters short and long term.

We understand that you need a content management system (CMS) that’s easy to use, scalable, and powerful. That’s why we recommend HubSpot because it has an exceptional CMS platform, a free CRM, and robust marketing tools that work together on the same platform to deliver the most comprehensive and measurable marketing efforts.

Here are four ways your manufacturing company could benefit from using the HubSpot CMS Hub over traditional CMS website builders like WordPress, Squarespace, Drupal, or Joomla. 

Benefit 1: A holistic digital marketing system

Most traditional CMS websites give their users the ability to build and manage websites, but that's it. While updating, adjusting, and making changes to your site is important, it's not enough. On the other hand, HubSpot CMS is a robust system that includes so much more than just website management — it encompasses all components of digital marketing. This is the biggest reason we recommend you build a website on HubSpot CMS Hub. 

Many traditional marketing websites are simply business billboards, but they have the potential to be so much more. Your website should be a money-making machine for your business, and having the right website in place will help make that happen.

Here are a few reasons HubSpot CMS Hub is a great choice for B2B businesses.

  • All-in-one platform (websites, blogs, reporting, customer database, A/B, adaptive testing, personalization, etc.)
  • Dynamic content with HubDB
  • SEO recommendations & optimizations
  • Incredibly intuitive interface allows marketers to make drag-and-drop changes to layouts
  • World-class hosting and security
  • Managed hosting reduces IT costs to self-host and keep the site updated
  • Manage multiple domains from a single login
  • Natively comes with a standard SSL certificate
  • Everything has a revision history (pages, posts, CSS, .js, etc.)
  • Log-in based membership content
  • Serverless functions to integrate with APIs
  • Ability to manage multi-language content
  • Amazing 24/7 support via phone, email, or chat

Quick And Easy Website Updates

Benefit 2: Quick & easy website updates

When we talk to manufacturing business owners about website redesigns, it's often because their sites have fallen victim to time. They're outdated and inaccurate, systems or software are obsolete or out-of-date, or a CMS wasn't created to allow for ongoing changes or additions. We also know that manufacturers aren't experts in software coding, website management, or UX/UI design — and you shouldn't have to be! With the HubSpot CMS, anyone can make updates and changes quickly and easily.

Regarding website design, HubSpot CMS has a robust marketplace of templates and themes that are easy to use and customize. New tools like the drag-and-drop page editor and global content editor allow those managing websites on the HubSpot CMS to fully build and customize their marketing assets without any help from a developer.

If you're not building your website in-house, you can partner with a website design company to develop a website for you.

Benefit 3: Personalized experiences that increase conversions

HubSpot allows you to tie the entire buyer's journey together, from top-of-the-funnel website visitors down to bottom-of-the-funnel closed-won customers. HubSpot has Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools built right in, which most CMS website platforms don't offer. 

HubSpot CMS Hub, in conjunction with HubSpot CRM, is an invaluable tool for content personalization. It allows businesses to segment their marketing data and content language to create specific, relevant, and personalized experiences for site visitors. It's a powerful way for B2B businesses and manufacturers to differentiate themselves from competitors. 

Personalized Experiences Increase Conversions

Here are three ways you could leverage personalization in the HubSpot CMS. 

  • Smart CTAs: You can change CTAs based on previous user activities. For example, if a site visitor downloads your ebook on evaluating operational efficiencies, they might also be interested in a comparison guide of the machines you offer that improve their operational efficiencies. Smart CTAs allow you to dynamically change the CTA to show that visitor on their next visit. 
  • Smart content: Taking personalization a step further, HubSpot CMS Hub allows you to have custom page content for specific buyer personas. If you've already gathered information on what your customers are interested in, you can push related content to them on the pages they visit. 
  • Smart forms: Not only do these forms remember a user's information so that it doesn't need to be retyped (allowing for higher conversion rates), but they also allow you to gather more information about a specific lead over time. The first time they fill out a form, you might ask them for the most basic information (name, email, and title). The next time you can go more in-depth and ask them about their company's size, what market they are in, or even a specific marketing challenge.

Benefit 4: Website analytics & site performance recommendations

The best CMS websites are set up to analyze performance and improve search and site conversions. The HubSpot CMS Hub gives manufacturing businesses the ability to track and manage all of these in one place.

Because websites must be optimized for search engines to be found online and in search results, HubSpot CMS Hub integrates with Google Search Console to find the keywords your ranking for and identify opportunities for optimization. Additionally, HubSpot CMS offers SEO recommendations that show which improvements are necessary for ongoing website health and search optimization.

Site Performance Recommendations

Again, no need to fret about this. While HubSpot CMS Hub makes this easy, you can let a website design company handle it for you so that you can keep your eye focused on business goals and operational efficiencies.


WordPress, Squarespace, Drupal, and Joomla are good options for a marketing website. But, for B2B manufacturers with aggressive lead generation and sales goals, HubSpot CMS is the best option. 

As website development experts and daily users of HubSpot, we're happy to answer any questions you may have, including which website platform fits your budget and needs and how HubSpot CMS can benefit your specific manufacturing business. Download our 26 Website Redesign Must-haves to learn how to drive the website traffic, leads and sales you need to grow your business and turn your website into your #1 marketing asset.


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