TANK New Media and Invoq Marketing Company Join Forces

By Thad  on Insider   Agency Culture   Technology   Inbound Sales

At TANK New Media, we never stop asking how we can better align our capabilities to serve our clients and create exceptional experiences. We’re always analyzing new ways to help clients advance ...

HubSpot Pipeline Generation Boot Camp - Only the Helpers Will Survive

By Hayley  on Sales Enablement   Inbound Sales

For the past 8 weeks, HubSpot Drill Sergeant Tyre has been training me and my fellow cadets from class 702 to be the best sales ladies we can possibly be! Equipped with all the right sales tools & ...

Marketing Influenced Customer Percentage [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Krista  on Digital Strategy

WHAT IS MARKETING INFLUENCED CUSTOMER PERCENTAGE? It takes into account all of the new customers that marketing interacted with while they were leads, anytime during the sales process.

Top 5 Brands that Use B2B Video Marketing

By Hayley  on Digital Strategy   b2b marketing plan

The use of video in business-to-business (B2B) marketing is a powerful tool provided it is done well. We’ve all seen the standard ‘throw a client in a room, have them validate your services and call ...

Marketing Originated Customer Percentage [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Krista  on Digital Strategy

WHAT IS MARKETING ORIGINATED CUSTOMER PERCENTAGE? A ratio that shows what new business is driven by marketing, by determining which portion of your total customer acquisitions directly originated ...

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