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Why Your B2B Marketing Plan Should Start With a Better Website
ThadNov 21, 20163 min read

Why Your B2B Marketing Plan Should Start With a Better Website

If you're still debating whether or not your business needs a quality website the answer is yes. You may think of a modern website as a luxury item for fancy B2C brands or that your aging website from 2005 is still "good enough" even though it isn't even usable on a mobile device, but the truth is – a quality website experience should always be at the core of your B2B marketing plan. Let me explain...

There are many reasons your business needs a better website and I'm not talking about chasing shiny objects or flashy designs. Simply not having a modern website experience makes your company appear dated, unprofessional, and puts you at a disadvantage when competing with more forward-thinking B2B sales teams. If you are making a marketing plan you don't "need a new website", you need a powerful lead generating growth engine that can take your business to the next level. You need a smarter and more integrated website to build up over time into your #1 inbound marketing asset. Modern marketers don't think of a new website as a "project", they view it as a starting point for continuous improvement cycles with exponential potential for positive business and brand impact.

A Smarter Website Budget can Drive Long-Term Growth

Modern B2B Websites Act as a 24/7 Growth Engine

Think of your website as a 24-hour brand representative that is always available to help people all over the world on any device. Your website lets your audience know what you have to offer and more importantly how to get in contact with you when they are ready. It will provide answers to frequently asked questions and can help push people through even the most complex sales cycles. What if this sales enabling machine was always learning and climbing to the top of related search queries in your niche? That is the power of ongoing site enhancements, valuable content, optimization, long-term thinking and an appropriate monthly budget allocation.

Help, Educate, Grow and Nurture Better Leads

People are searching online for anything and everything from which restaurants to try to which lawyer they want to hire. Believe it or not, this behavior isn't that much different in the B2B space. Why? Because B2B buyers are people and people search for answers online. A well optimized website with compelling content helps you attract new customers, especially if your B2B business targets niche audiences. When someone does a Google or voice search for solutions to their challenges, you want them to find your website and your helpful content so you can nurture them smoothly through the buying process until they are ready to reach out to your sales team or make a purchase.

Move the Right Prospects Through Your Marketing and Sales Funnels

A modern B2B website will help you push more qualified leads into your sales pipeline. Studies show that up to 85% of the buying decision can already be made by the time sales is contacted. Your website will help convince your audience why they need your services or products and why they should choose you over your competitors or alternatives. You can accomplish this through a variety of different pages on your site such as your blog that will attract them, your services or product pages that will give more details, and your customer testimonials or recognition pages that will gain trust with your site visitors. Personalized content for each step can make a big difference once you know your ideal customer personas.

Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and Sales with Modern Web Technology

One of the main reasons why your website should be the core of your B2B marketing plan is due to its ease-of-use and scalability both online and through integrations within your organization. Building, launching and growing an effective website can be a daunting task and it is most effective when integrated seamlessly with your CRM and sales process.

So how much should you budget for a B2B website?

Creating a modern B2B website designed to move your business forward requires a lot of work and a solid marketing plan. There are an overwhelming number of different solutions available and many variables to consider when making your unique B2B marketing plan and budget, so be sure to partner with an experienced digital agency that can guide you through the entire process.



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