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5 Signs Your Company Needs Integrated Marketing Services
KristaJan 13, 20162 min read

5 Signs Your Company Needs Integrated Marketing Services

As any business owner or marketing executive can tell you, effective marketing takes time and effort. The goal of most marketing strategies is to generate qualified leads and, ultimately, turn those leads into sales. This is where applying integrated marketing services can help.

One of the reasons that many businesses do not get the results they want is because their marketing strategies aren’t integrated. By embracing integrated marketing strategies they can effectively coordinate their offline (direct mail, print, etc) and online marketing (website, blog, social media, etc.) to create a seamless marketing strategy.

If you are not getting the results from your marketing that you desire, then applying integrated marketing strategies may be the answer you are looking for. If any of the following apply to you then you should consider integrated marketing services.

1. Your Marketing Messages Are Inconsistent

Too many companies are sending out different messages through each of their marketing platforms. For instance, an auto manufacturer may tout their car’s fuel efficiency in print but online they talk about speed and horsepower.

Define what your key marketing message is and then make sure that you spread that message consistently on every marketing channel that you use.

2. Unclear Calls To Action

What do you want your customers to do? Download an eBook? Attend a webinar? Sign up for a free trial? You must be clear as to what you want them to do. Review your CTA’s and make sure they are all clear and consistent across all marketing campaigns and channels.

3. Lack Of Tracking

The ultimate goal of any marketing strategy is to make a sale. However, marketing is also a process so it is imperative that you know what messages your customers are responding to. The only way you can do this is to track the prospect through the buying cycle.

4. Inconsistent Follow Up

Many industries have long sales cycles (real estate sales, for example) and require businesses to nurture customers through the buying cycle. To do this you need to stay in touch with them every step of the way.

By using integrated marketing you can make the initial contact through a website and the follow up through a direct mail piece or an email marketing sequence.

5. One Dimensional Strategy

If you are spending all your time and effort in one area alone – say, social media – while ignoring other marketing channels, you are doing your company a disservice. Social media, content marketing, direct mail and print advertising all have their place in your overall marketing strategy. By using integrated marketing strategies, you can coordinate all these platforms and communicate a clear, consistent message to your prospects.

If your company is reflected in any of the above scenarios, then consider implementing specific integrated marketing services from a trusted marketing agency. This will help ensure that your marketing efforts produce the returns your desire.



Co-founder & VP, Client Services at TANK New Media.