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How HubSpot CMS is the Best Tool to Driving Demand Generation
TaylorJan 5, 20236 min read

How HubSpot CMS is the Best Tool for Driving Demand Generation

Using HubSpot CMS to Drive Demand Generation 

You need your website to generate leads if you've got a business. Period.  

Even the most out-of-the-way, rough-and-tumble, mom-and-pop shops have a website now. We live in the information age, where consumers expect to be able to access anything they want or need via the internet. While every business has a website now, not every business has a website that works to bring leads to their virtual door and generate demand for their products and services. 

Many people don’t even have a personal computer. They do most of their browsing, online socializing, and purchasing from their phones.  

So you will not be surprised to hear that your business has a website that works. The key to this is focusing on what features your website needs to turn its visitors into opportunities in the customer journey effectively and consistently. 

This reality is where HubSpot CMS comes in.  

In B2B, Your Website is Crucial to Demand & Lead Generation

After all, any business worth its weight in salt must have a website, so if your business sells to other businesses, it better have a fantastic website that lays out clearly what your business does, what your products are, and why the reader needs them for their business.  

Businesses seeking help, products, or services from other businesses have much higher expectations. A well-designed website with rich and engaging content that is user-friendly, comprehensive, comprehensible, and easy to navigate makes a huge impact on your potential clients.  

As a business owner selling to other businesses, your goal is to turn visitors into clients. A website that works does that for you. You may or may not have a brick-and-mortar building, and today’s clients are much less likely to care about whether you have a physical location.  

However, they are much more likely to expect a website, and a website in today’s world is more than just a homepage with your contact information. It needs to not only consistently express your most important information, your brand, and your mission, it needs to work to create leads and demand for you so you can focus on customer service and other vital tasks.

To sum up, a top-quality website is a game changer in B2B sales, and HubSpot CMS will help you change the game to your advantage.  

What is HubSpot CMS? 

In plain English, HubSpot is a software platform created in 2006 by two MIT students. It has expansive capabilities, focusing on marketing, operations, and service. It connects everything that scaling companies need to deliver a best-in-class customer experience in one place. Our crafted, not cobbled, solution helps teams grow with tools that are powerful alone but better together. 

With HubSpot, customers come. First, customization is simple, and teams are unified through a connected CRM. It is designed to work with all of the basic business tools people need, like email clients and document creation software. 

HubSpot’s Customer Relationship Manager is designed for sales and marketing teams to grow sales, boost their returns on investment, and optimize marketing strategies, and generate more and more qualified leads.  

From its origins as a relatively basic marketing tool, it has grown into a platform that helps companies better grow through hosting a website and blogging to social media posting and email marketing.  


Today, You Can Run Virtually All Digital Aspects of Your Business Through Hubspot.  

HubSpot CMS was launched in April of 2020 as a full-service content management system that provides a secure, fast, easy-to-use platform for your website that integrates with the rest of the customer relationship management tools on the larger HubSpot platform.  HubSpot continues to evolve to be more intuitive and user-friendly –  it has evolved a lot since it launched and is capable of far more services.

Compared to its competitors, Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress, HubSpot CMS wins every time, for many reasons, which we will get into below. Suffice it to say that it is all about driving demand generation.  

How HubSpot CMS Drives Demand Generation 

You not only want visitors to your site, right? You want demand. You want your clientele to be eager for your products and services, and you want a website that drives your demand generation.  

How does HubSpot CMS do this?  

Improved, Personalized User Experience 

You’re not speaking to everyone on earth with your website. You are speaking to your audience. It is a personal relationship, even if it is brand new.  

HubSpot CMS offers unique features that allow businesses to personalize their users’ experiences on the site by focusing on relevant content that will add value each time they visit.  

It utilizes progressive profiling, allowing you to gather high-quality lead information and contact data on your clientele incrementally instead of taking up large chunks of their time upfront and potentially scaring them away.  

HubSpot CMS offers many tools to its users, including live chat, email marketing, and campaign automation.

Implementing tools like the live chat feature helps your clients feel engaged, seen, felt, and heard, like their specific issues matter to you. You will also be able to gather more data from these live chats that help you create a more relevant experience for your clients and better serve them.  

Close Loops 

On inferior web hosting platforms that offer web design services, a lot of data is underutilized, creating data gathering loops that never get closed. 

HubSpot CMS provides insights into your data that help you create a positive user experience and generate leads.  

You can instantly notify your clients of relevant updates or changes in your company.  

You can focus on what is working for your clients and eliminate or minimize what does not.  

And you can deploy conversion mechanisms that turn a visitor into a lifelong client.  

Commercially Developed, Maintained, Supported, & Secured 

HubSpot is propriety, developed, maintained, and supported within HubSpot itself, unlike many CMS platforms that outsource much of their system. This truth means it may cost more, but that cost is converted into value exponentially.  

You can expect professionalism, an absence of third-party interference, continual monitoring, and ongoing availability and reliability.  

You have access to a highly skilled engineering team with expertise in HubSpot CMS dedicated to your success and a top-notch cyber security crew invested in protecting your website.  

Fast Performance

Finally, HubSpot CMS is fast. You can expect rapid page load speeds, which are a major factor in whether a client stays on your site.  

HubSpot has built several key technologies into their CMS to ensure your site loads quickly, your images are optimized, and your lines of code are broken down to increase speed.  

They are also committed to content delivery networking, drawing on edge servers strategically placed close enough to all remote users that distance from the physical server is a non-issue.  

Does Your Current Website Generate Leads & Demand?

What you choose for your CMS can determine the success you’ll be able to achieve with your website. With an inbound marketing strategy, in most B2B scenarios, your website will be your primary source of opportunities. You need a CMS and website that both perform and provide good user experiences. 

Are you wondering if your website is doing the best job possible to create opportunities for conversion on every step of the customer journey? Try our Website Performance Assessment to see how HubSpot CMS can help your website work better and create the leads and demand your business and products deserve. 

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