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6 Ways to Freshen Up Your Content Marketing
LaneahMay 22, 20172 min read

6 Ways to Freshen Up Your Content Marketing

It’s Time! The flowers are starting to bud, the bees are starting to buzz… it’s Spring cleaning! There is no better time to freshen up your content! We all get stuck in the winter rut, but the freshness in the air is the perfect time to dust away those bunnies and revive your digital content. It may seem like a dreaded task now, but you will feel so much better once it’s done. The following 6 steps are just a few ways to go about cleaning out your content, check them out.

1. Analyze Your Existing Content

The first step in improving your content marketing is to evaluate what you currently have. Sometimes, you end up finding content you forget you even had. Often, that content just needs a little editing and retouching and it is good to go. While you are analyzing your content, figure out what content might be missing. This is a great time to start a list of content you may also need. In the process, make sure to look for any duplicate content. Your readers want fresh new material, not the same post written in different ways.

2. Out with the Old

Spring cleaning requires a good hard scrub. Make sure you do the same to your content. Scrub emails that you do not need anymore. Also, make sure your CRM has the most up to date information. It is very easy to forget to update Molly’s new email address in your system.

3. In with the New

Make sure you are incorporating a variety of content types into your strategy. Doing the same thing over and over can get redundant and old quickly. Different content types will also be able to hit a variety of different people in different ways. Not everyone is going to see your blog, so why not post some of that content on social media or send it to them in an email?

4. Review Your Goals

It is critical for your success to make sure your content is aligning with your marketing goals. The content you put out there is critical for marketing and sales success. If you don’t have goals to measure your effort, this is a great opportunity to set those benchmarks to make sure you are moving in the right direction.

5. It Can Always Be Refreshed

One of the most important things to remember is it does not have to be perfect! The great thing about your digital content is that it can always be updated and edited. Don’t waste your time on making every article the best it can be, just focus on improving.

6. Use a Content Calendar

Now that your content is clean and organized, put it into a content calendar. A content calendar provides a central place where all your content can live. The content calendar can provide you with a roadmap regarding what needs to be updated and what type of content you are going to be uploading.

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