The Mutual Fund Store



With recent success and growth of the company, TMFS leadership decided to retire “the science of investing” brand messaging in favor of a more personalized approach to investment advice. This meant that the existing brand identity, which included a DNA helix reference in the logo was no longer relevant to the brand. Naturally, they turned to TANK, a long-term partner with a history of successful design collaborations with TMFS.

Our challenge was to realign the brand identity to better represent the company’s goals moving forward. The new look needed to feel trustworthy and professional, yet comfortable and informal at the same time, to better articulate their new personalized approach to investment advice.




TANK provided several solutions, including a concept with an iconic mark of a stylized M that resembles two people shaking hands enclosed in a square that represents the first building block to a successful retirement. These simple building blocks paired with sincere and inspiring portraits of people enjoying their retirement are used to tie together branded communications.

During the brand alignment and identity design process, TANK recommended simplifying some of the related sub-brands and service marks to elevate recognition and retention of the core brand. The Mutual Fund Show logo and materials were also updated to include circles and identifiable color treatments, complementing the blocky look and colors of the core brand. Service marks, such as Retirement Paycheck®, were simplified to text treatments that could be extended in the future with other offerings, and do not compete with the parent brand.




Since launching the new brand, The Mutual Fund Store has received positive feedback from all fronts, including: advisors, employees, and most importantly their customers. Marketing materials have been updated with the new brand colors, style, and logos to complete the brand package. Each marketing piece more effectively positions the company’s new personalized approach to investment advice.


Since launching the rebrand, The Mutual Fund Store has received positive feedback on all fronts


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