Is your brand consistent across marketing and sales touchpoints?


Authentic Brands Require a Rock-solid Foundation and Systematic Approach to Branding and Design

Your brand is more than a logo — it's the cornerstone of your business. It's your essence, your personality. Get that right, and everything else falls in line around it, including driving competitive advantage and profitable growth.


Common Challenges

  • Your brand doesn’t accurately reflect your company.
  • Your logo and colors feel outdated.
  • Your message doesn’t resonate with your audience.
  • Your company has been through a merger or acquisition that impacts branding.

Achieving your business objectives and growth goals requires a strong foundation and a compelling brand. Evaluating your brand can help you determine what to maintain or change to attract new customers, successfully enter new markets, stand out from the crowd, tell your story, and position your organization for future growth.

5 Proven Steps to Building a Better B2B Brand

Branding has to be more than just a logo. Yes, a great logo is a necessity for any brand, but there is so much more to the story than just your logo. A quality logo and all-encompassing brand experiences will influence the way people perceive your company, help generate future business, and establish brand awareness for the long haul.

Branding gives your audience a clear sense of your purpose and a roadmap to experiences that are intentional and relevant to them.

From strategy to industry analysis to creating a brand positioning framework, here are the five steps we take to ensure that brand identity is clearly defined and properly rolled out.

1. Clarifying Your Why

The first step to building a better brand is clarifying your "why?" In other words, the purpose, cause, or belief that drives your business. Truly understanding your "why" is a crucial step that shouldn't be overlooked or taken lightly.

Content__IdealBuyerProfile Ideal Buyer Profiles

A buyer profile represents the type of company that you would like to do business with because they're a great fit for your product or services. We'll create a document that highlights your ideal buyer profile along with key identifiers such as company size, industry, and budget.

Content__PersonasTarget Personas

We need to understand the individual target persona within your ideal buyer profile to target them effectively. To do that, we'll uncover their biggest challenges, needs, fears, and goals. Doing this allows us to create helpful and valuable content and campaigns that nurture leads through the buyer's journey.

Download the Workbook to Create Buyer Personas

2. Understand the Market Landscape 

In the second step, we look at your branding and the industry as a whole to better understand the landscape. What are your competitors doing? What can we do to position your brand accurately and competitively?

Content_BrandAuditBrand Audit and competitive landscape

Discover where your brand excels, where it falls short, and how it compares to your competitors or alternatives.

Content_DesignAnalysisDesign Analysis

We’ll align design preferences around your industry and target persona to establish a clear creative direction.

3. Clarify Your Message and Positioning

To create a brand positioning framework for your business, your products and services need to be clearly defined as they relate to your target audience — tackling these pieces is step three.

Content_ProductsServicesProducts and Services Definition

Clearly defining your products and services and how they benefit your target persona is important. We explore specs, use-cases, and product applications so they can be positioned as solutions to the persona's problems.

Content_PositioningFramework_TractionRoadmapBrand Positioning Framework

Your brand framework will function as your communications and messaging backbone — this will be the foundation on which all branding is built. We'll document why you do what you do, what you're promising to customers, and how you'll deliver on those promises. 

4. Design a Visual Identity System 

Your branding includes a unique mark/logo and visual system that can be used to build brand awareness and recognition. We'll create your identity system based on the information gathered in the steps before. We'll make sure each element is clearly laid out in a brand guide specifically for your business.

5. Plan a Brand Rollout

Planning the brand rollout will cover all of the existing assets that are out in the public as well as when they will be replaced. Overtime the messaging and design will be continuously tested and improved to build an even stronger bond with your audience.

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