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Heartland Tan Website Redesign
TANK New MediaMay 4, 20161 min read

Heartland Tan Website


Over the years Heartland had acquired several companies in the tanning industry. During this process so many pages were added to their aging site that it had become difficult for users to know where to find information on current products, or how to go about purchasing items or requesting support. It had also become somewhat unclear who the parent company was in relation to some of their acquired sites.


TANK provided Heartland with a completely re-organized site designed to showcase each product by category and product line, as well as providing their staff the ability to update products as needed through a user-friendly and powerful content management system. The reorganization also clearly positioned Heartland as the parent company of their subsidiary companies.

During the discovery and persona development process TANK recognized that Heartland’s primary audience (tanning salon owners and managers) are very visual people. Armed with this customer insight, we recommended emphasizing images of products and brands that are available from Heartland. This resulted in a visually appealing site that is easy for the user to scan through and find items that catch their eye. Throughout the site the user is presented with a strong call to action to request a catalog and register with Heartlink (a purchasing system for approved customers).



TANK not only provided Heartland’s end users with a great tool to find the best tanning products, but the Heartland Tan sales team couldn’t be more impressed. “The website is a go-to tool for our sales team” said Brad, Executive VP and General Manager.

First Year - 2011 (before) vs. 2012 (after)
  • 140% increase in page views
  • 90% increase in pages visited during a session
  • 23% increase in time on site
  • Significant increases in Heartlink registrations and catalog requests

On top of all of this, was honored to win a W3 Award in the manufacturing website category in 2012.


The website is a go-to tool for our sales team.  -Brad, Executive VP