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The Many Uses of HubSpot Service Hub
KristaMay 12, 20223 min read

The Many Uses of HubSpot Service Hub

This is everything you need to delight customers — all in one place.

When HubSpot Service Hub first came out, it was tricky to see all the use case scenarios for the product. It seemed pretty straightforward: a digital customer service desk where a question or complaint could be submitted through ticket submission and tracked internally through the system. While this is a great use for the product, it has much greater flexibility.

What makes up HubSpot Service Hub?

HubSpot Service Hub operates similar to the sales pipeline — you can make custom stages that match your internal processes. But instead of a deal object, there is a ticket object. The tickets can be customized similarly to any other object in HubSpot, and there are standard and HubSpot fields. Workflows can be triggered using tickets, and dashboards can be made using the properties. So at its core, it's just as flexible as the rest of the system.

Setting Up A Process to Use HubSpot Service Hub

When thinking about how to use HubSpot Service Hub, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

First off, I would consider if your process revolves around an existing customer or a new customer. Service Hub can work for either but works best for existing customers. These people usually have questions about their specific product, and your team is trying to execute a process to provide value to that existing customer.

The second thing to consider is if you want to see a revenue association. Any time you want to see revenue, a deal pipeline is better suited. You can create a custom field to show revenue, but the baked-in capabilities for deals and dollars are well worth setting up a deal pipeline instead of a ticket pipeline.

Lastly, consider if there is a concept of closed or completed in your process. With HubSpot Service Hub, there are two ticket statuses, open and closed. You can have various open stages, but the ticket generally is one of those 2. The main difference here from deals is that deals have the concept of closed-won and closed-lost.

Examples of Different Ways to Use HubSpot Service Hub

Now that you have a base-level understanding of the Hub and how to think about it, your mind might be spinning with ideas on how to utilize it with your business. Here are a couple of ways that we have used the system.

Parts Fulfillment

Many people don’t track parts through the deal pipeline because they are short sales and track overall revenue through their ERP system. In this case, HubSpot Service Hub allows the techs to track the request and help customers determine what part they need for their equipment. They can also make sure to associate the deal with that customer or company to track the ticket and any other purchase that the customer makes.


We have used Service Hub to set up many versions of onboarding. This works really well when the sales team needs to pass the customer over to an internal development or production team. The relevant items from the deal can be copied over to the ticket to help transfer the information, and the deal, customer, and contacts can remain attached to the ticket for tracking.

Customer Service Check-In

After a product has been shipped, a pipeline can be used to track follow-up with those customers. If you are a hands-on company, you may want a more personal touch than a survey, but this can help provide a way for reps to follow up and track any issues that need to be resolved.

Warranty Tracking

Tracking warranty information can be tricky, but Service Hub tickets provide an easy way to trigger warranty follow-ups or sale expirations.


This is a basic service of HubSpot Service Hub. Tickets can be created from forms, online chat, phone conversations, etc. They work through a basic pipeline that assigns service techs a question and allows direct correspondence with the customer from the ticket timeline.

Next Step

If you are thinking of getting HubSpot Service Hub or have it with your growth suite, remember the sky's the limit. You could have several manual processes that could be easily digitized, optimized, and tracked within the system. To learn more or get your questions answered, feel free to reach out. We would love to chat with you.

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