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The Future of Websites and VR/AR/MR
MicahMay 18, 20172 min read

The Future of Websites and VR/AR/MR

The Web is constantly evolving. As technology advances at an accelerating pace, the web is required to keep up with the changing environments through which we access the internet. Virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality are going to usher in an entirely new way of navigating the world wide web, similar to the way mobile devices changed the way we build, design, and consume content.

When mobile browsing became mainstream, it was very important that a website be coded and designed responsively. Thinking forward to a world where objects will be placed in the world around us, I believe we will see not only responsive design being important, but modularity and metadata becoming a must as well. While these are both important now, it will be even more important when content is being taken from a site and interacted with like actual physical objects. While there will be many cases where content will likely be enclosed in some form of rectangle browser window, we will not be confined to that space with mixed reality. 3D environmental usage will be on the rise as well due to the way the users are able to navigate through content as they would the physical world.

Having this unrestricted freedom for content to live in the world around us does open the door to a lot of prime real estate for advertising purposes. I see this as becoming a problem quickly if new regulations and standards are not put in place to avoid the hyperactive over-stimulating 90’s ad cluster experience.

HYPER-REALITY from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

Hosting these new types of websites will be a challenge both in the ability for a provider to manage a server system that will make today's machines look like 5.5 inch floppy drive platforms, as well as being able to provide the bandwidth necessary for a user experience that people will come to expect.

The amount of content we consume will likely increase with this next generation of tech. It is going to invite people to integrate it with everything they do, which means being constantly connected. This is going to enable more progression in the field of AI as well due to the volume of data we will be providing. It is hard to say exactly how the web will change in the new era of VR, AR, and MR, but however it changes, we will all have to adapt to an ever-evolving ecosystem of data.



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