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Small Digital Marketing Agency Culture - Mini Golf
LaneahAug 17, 2015< 1 min read

Team Outing at Smiley’s Golf Complex

For our summer team outing, we decided to show off our awesome putt-putt skills at Smiley’s Golf Complex. All significant others and children were invited to be in on the fun. The group decided they were ready for a challenge, so we choose to take on the ‘Famous Golf’ course side. The twists and turns of the course is designed to play similar to an actual golf course. The occasional ball would end up in one of the sand traps or water holes along the holes, but regardless everyone gave their best effort.

The final and most challenging hole was hole #18. The hole was up a very steep and narrow strip at the very end of the course. You had to hit the ball just right, and on the first try, to make it in the hole. Thad was the lucky winner and made a hole in one! For his prize he received a coupon for a free game of putt-putt (which I'm pretty sure I saw him give to John on the way out). It was a great team outing with lots of smiles and good laughs. We will definitely be back, Smileys!



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