My Two Passions Collide: Agribusiness and Marketing


The agriculture industry would not be afloat without agribusinesses.

The connection between grassroots and a smartphone screen can get a little fuzzy in today's day and age. The world is constantly changing which means agribusinesses are evolving, reshaping, and transforming their very essence while maintaining age-old integrity of hard work and perseverance.

The agriculture industry is different than others. Agriculturalists are lacing up their work boots and heading out to the field for a long day of planting, throwing on their coveralls for another long, cold winter night of calving or, in recent months especially, doing all they can to preserve their livelihood from devastating and record-breaking flood waters. This industry would not be afloat without agribusinesses.

An agribusiness is engaged in the operation of a farm or ranch, the manufacturing and distribution of agricultural equipment and supplies, or the processing, storage, and distribution of agricultural commodities like corn, soybeans, and wheat. An agribusiness can be a large scale equipment dealer such as John Deere or a mom and pop produce stand in your local community. No matter the size, agribusinesses work together with the same idea in mind: to produce food and fiber for a growing population around the globe.

Each agribusiness has a story to tell, and that’s what excites me most about working our agribusiness clients at TANK New Media.

The Origin of My Agribusiness Passion

I grew up in a small town in north central Missouri. Some of my fondest memories include a sale barn on Saturdays, checking cattle with my dad, and helping around our family farm whenever I got the chance.

Agribusiness Cow Farm

When I got to high school, I became involved in the National FFA Organization. Through my involvement in FFA, I was able to attain my first job as a broadcast intern for our local radio station, KMZU — The Farm. I would travel to county fairs and FFA events around Missouri listening to the stories of those involved with agribusinesses in the listening area. Listening to their stories and bringing them to life on air was a part of the job I enjoyed most. Those early-on interactions with agribusiness men and women around the state helped form my desire to work in an industry that had raised me.

Years later, my passion for communications and agriculture lead me to the University of Missouri (Mizzou) where I attained a degree in Science and Agricultural Journalism and learned many lessons about the industry along the way. My time at Mizzou gave me a solid foundation, but I still had bigger questions I wanted to answer. After graduation, I left for Stillwater, OK to pursue a master’s degree in Agricultural Communications at Oklahoma State University.

An Agribusiness Experience that Opened My Eyes

People always say your eyes are opened when you’re out of your comfort zone, and now I know why. My time in Oklahoma provided a chance to work with a variety of start-up agribusinesses and leading producers in the food & agricultural industries which helped develop my insight into how important marketing is to agribusiness men and women around the country.

One thing that has always intrigued me is how agribusinesses go about marketing their services, but more importantly, how they tell their story.

Many times farmers are thought of as “stuck in their ways” old men, dressed daily in their overalls, meeting up with their buddies at the local coffee shop to talk about the markets and how their crops are holding up with this seasons’ weather. However, this vision doesn't describe all farmers and ranchers. A vast majority of today's farmers and ranchers are modern entrepreneurs with an un-matched skillset.  These resourceful business men and women keep agribusinesses from coast to coast thriving. 

Interestingly enough, the average American farmer or rancher is 57.5 years old according to the USDA NASS Census of Agriculture. Additionally, the older generation of producers outweighs the younger generation 6 to 1.

While the younger generation is small, their new ideas and interests in utilizing technology is mighty which makes our job as marketers even more exciting.  By utilizing technology and each agribusiness’s story, marketers are able to find new ways to market the agribusiness’ services. 

Marketing for Agribusiness

If you’re looking to modernize your agribusiness’s marketing, my team and I would love to help you. While my experience makes me passionate about helping you tell your story and share your business with the world, TANK has the experience and expertise to get you there. Learn more about marketing your agribusiness so that it can gain traction and reach more people. Let’s take your company to the next level!

Market Your Agribusiness

Originally published July 2, 2019 at 8:05 AM

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