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KristaAug 2, 20235 min read

HubSpot Custom Objects Help Companies Track More Than The Customer

For manufacturing businesses, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system has to readily provide the information needed to deliver solutions to customers' issues. Utilizing the power of HubSpot’s custom objects feature, you can readily tackle customer questions and problems faster while simultaneously being able to track the client equipment alongside critical client details. 

With the flexibility of HubSpot Operations Hub and the custom objects, your sales and customer support team can go beyond the basics of contacts, deals, and ticket objects and start handling complex, one-to-many relationships and interactions within the same CRM system. Tracking client data and equipment, updating details for multiple objects, closing new deals, and creating new workflows have become more manageable. 


Strengthening Customer Relationships by Tracking Equipment in the CRM

In the manufacturing industry, businesses often face the challenge of tracking customers and managing each customer's equipment. An example is a heavy machinery manufacturer that sells industrial equipment to various clients.  

Many of your customers own multiple pieces of machinery, and at times, you may encounter issues or require parts and services for a specific machine. This lack of connection between equipment and customers can delay addressing issues and result in a subpar customer experience.

With a proper system to link equipment with the corresponding customers, it becomes easier for the manufacturer to identify which machine a customer refers to when you call for support. For sales and support teams, this translates to less time digging into data and more time-solving customer problems.


When Should HubSpot Custom Objects Be Employed to Improve Customer Experience?

In the example of the heavy machinery manufacturer, you encounter two scenarios where a custom object is required:

Unable to tie equipment back to the customer: The manufacturer needs help to easily associate each piece of machinery with the customer, making delivering swift and personalized support challenging.

Unique equipment or serial numbered equipment/collection: Many machines you sell are unique or part of serialized collections, necessitating a custom object to effectively manage and differentiate each unit.

By implementing custom objects in your CRM system, the manufacturer can seamlessly link equipment to customers, enabling efficient issue resolution and creating a better customer journey overall.


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Tying the Equipment Custom Object to the Customer

Let’s look at an example of a manufacturing company we assisted in utilizing custom objects to empower  your support team and improve customer service.

A manufacturing business needed help identifying customer equipment efficiently. Despite having the deals data in HubSpot, your support team spent excessive time trying to match customer calls with the right equipment. 

Unfortunately, crucial equipment details were missing from the deal records, leading to delays and frustrations in resolving issues. To address this problem, implemented were custom objects in HubSpot by creating a dedicated object to capture equipment details and linking it directly with customer records. 

The added insight into client equipment details enabled your support team to access the necessary information swiftly, resulting in faster issue resolution and improved customer service. This business streamlined their equipment and customer data tracking with custom objects, enhancing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.


HubSpot Custom Objects Provide Data Flexibility For Manufacturing Companies

After successfully assisting the manufacturing business in revolutionizing your equipment and customer tracking, we discovered that custom objects were the perfect solution to address this common issue. We empowered your support team by implementing custom objects in HubSpot and significantly improved customer service.


But What is a Custom Object?

So, what exactly are custom objects? You are the key to unlocking unparalleled data flexibility within HubSpot's CRM. Custom objects allow the creation of a dedicated entity for capturing equipment details and linking them with customer records.

With custom objects in action, your support team gained easy access to essential information, resulting in faster issue resolution and enhanced customer experience. 

Not burdened by missing equipment details from deal records, streamlined equipment, and customer data tracking elevated your efficiency and customer satisfaction to new heights.


Associate Contacts and Businesses to Your Deals and Tickets 

With the implementation of custom objects, harnessed the power of tied relationships to streamline your CRM data. By associating contacts, businesses, deals, and tickets with a dedicated equipment object, you could now directly address issues and concerns related to specific machines. This eliminated any confusion and ambiguity, improving your customer support process significantly.

The business created equipment objects associated with the relevant serial numbers, contacts, deals, and businesses from the moment equipment was sold. 

Specific notes, including settings and customizations, were meticulously logged throughout the production process onto these equipment objects for future reference.

When the parts or service team received a call about a machine, you could swiftly look up the serial number in the equipment object, accessing a comprehensive history of that particular machine. 

This empowered them to assist the customer promptly, resolving issues more efficiently and ensuring higher customer satisfaction.

Custom objects proved to be the missing link in their CRM strategy, fostering a seamless connection between your data and manufacturing processes. With tied relationships at the core, you achieved greater efficiency and effectiveness, setting new standards in the manufacturing industry.


Providing Manufacturing Companies With Easy to Track Data

In conclusion, custom objects provide manufacturing businesses with easy-to-track data, leading to a deeper understanding of your customers. 

By seamlessly associating contacts, businesses, deals, and tickets with equipment objects, customer support becomes more efficient, and clients no longer need to repeat your stories with each interaction. This enhanced customer journey sets your company apart, leaving a lasting impression.

If you need help matching customers to equipment, HubSpot custom objects offer the perfect solution. Embrace the power of custom objects to streamline your CRM, revolutionize your customer support, and take your manufacturing business to new heights.

Ready to unlock the full potential of HubSpot custom objects? Schedule a meeting with Krista and discover how custom objects can transform your operations, boost efficiency, and elevate your customer experience. Take advantage of this opportunity to shape the future of your manufacturing business with custom objects.

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