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How to Use Video in Your Modern Day Marketing Strategy
HayleyFeb 2, 20187 min read

How to Use Video in Your Modern Day Marketing Strategy


There are two types of people who enjoy the Big Game:

  1. Those who enjoy the actual game
  2. Those who enjoy the commercials

Although these groups of viewers enjoy the game for two separate reasons, both have one thing in common – they enjoy being entertained. 

Audiovisual entertainment has a way of attracting us to sit in front of the tube, computer, or whatever the platform may be, for HOURS. The saying “Netflix and chill” has been coined because so many people are binging on a weekly basis. Maybe the show you’re watching makes you feel sad, or possibly scared. If you’re watching, “The Office,” you’re probably in the mood for a good laugh. We’re always searching for SOMETHING to stimulate us.

The lesson here is: When trying to attract new buyers to your product or service, you must entertain your audience. Video is the perfect vehicle. It has the power to connect with all of our senses.



  • SIGHT – Certain visuals can haunt us, or even move us to change our behavior. Visual content captivates our eyes and minds, which will increase the number of website visitors for actual leads. Sight also prompts the brain to make educated decisions.

  • SOUND – Audio is just as powerful, if not more so, than the visual aid itself. Sound can cause heart rates to increase, affect emotions, and change thinking patterns. It can also fill us with anticipation and get us excited for what’s to come. The final battle scene between Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker would be NOTHING without the thrilling music. Try watching this scene without the sound – you will probably laugh out loud!

  • TOUCH –  When we see something in action, we’re drawn to it. Let’s take Apple for example: Apple recently came out with the new iPhone. Through their commercials and visual aids, they are showing users playing with their phones, taking photos, videos, and interacting with one another. When a product is shown in use, we are captivated by how it works and want to experience it for ourselves. Physical touch and interaction is a form of persuasion, especially when the feel or emotion is right on track.

  • TASTE & SMELL –  No, we’re not suggesting viewers lick the TV screen or to expect the smell of roses to waft through the air. However, raw footage, such as a chef with his steak, will make your mouth water as you watch the mastermind at work. Humans connect through experience. For example, steak is delicious. To see it, even without the physical smell, we can go back to a time when we have experienced amazing steak and let our imagination explore. Video is a time warp of memories, emotions, experience and sentimental value.

Utilizing Video in Your Marketing Strategy

Now that we know the purpose and importance of video, let’s discuss how to utilize it in your marketing efforts. Let’s face it – those big brands have a name. The good news is that you have the same platform available via the World Wide Web. It’s time to compete!




  • Whether your intentions are to entertain, inform, educate, explain, or give a ‘behind the scenes’ look, you have to create a video with purpose. Why would someone want to watch your video? Who will be watching your video? What kind of outcome are you projecting? Are you looking to increase sales, build brand recognition, share a success story, or all of the above? These are all questions you need to be asking yourself and your agency before coming up with content for your video. Knowing your buyer personas and understanding how they operate will provide insights on how to structure your video. 

  • Pack Leader USA is a labeling solution provider for manufacturing companies across the nation. Many of their products need further instruction when assembling, so we said, ‘hey, let’s make a video!’ Let’s explain to our viewers, those who have already purchased equipment, how to assemble the labeling solutions. Now we have over ten videos on ten different pieces of equipment! These videos have allowed Pack Leader to grow and attract new customers, while keeping their existing customers informed. We plan to film case studies for building trust as well as promotional videos to build brand recognition. Go Pack, Go!


  • Let’s say that you have decided to go with a testimonial to showcase how happy and satisfied your current customers are with your product – awesome! Now what? Well, for starters, let’s create a storyboard or script for this video. Testimonial videos do not call for a script, however structured interview questions that allow a person to tell a genuine success story is crucial. Maybe you are creating a quick commercial for YouTube with a goal of generating traffic to your site. Capturing the attention of your viewers and having a clear Call to Action (CTA) will set apart a good video from a just-okay video.

  • Through this process of creating great content for your video viewers, stay consistent. Use specific brand guidelines that match your web content, social platforms, and overall brand as a whole. Colors, fonts, images, and sounds that represent your brand should be included in this video. Doing this will help you gain credibility and establish trust.

  • Stay concise. Nobody ever walked away from an ad or web video saying, “Wow, that was so long, I watched the whole thing!” Get to the point as quickly as you can. If you’re explaining how something is made, cut out dead space to eliminate the boring pauses. Incorporate graphics to keep the video interactive and choose audio clips that enhance the overall experience. Because competition is tough, it can be difficult to capture viewers’ attention. It’s important to demand attention from the start and that all stems from a great script, case study, or storyboard. Consider your content as ‘ice cream’ and execution or overall flow of your video as the complete ‘sundae.’ All components of your video must work together to tell a story.


  • How did Budweiser become one of the biggest NFL sponsors? They coined themselves. Budweiser, year after year, receives TRACTION, brand recognition, and trust from consumers with their heartfelt Budweiser horse commercials. The commercial tells a story and viewers feel encouraged to share that story. The relationship between a Budweiser horse and its owner is relatable. Watching them interact makes the heart happy! Friendship lasts forever (even though a life-long friendship with beer won’t keep you alive, per say).

  • Your goal should be to create and execute such awesome content that your audience will want to share and promote you themselves. Our world has become increasingly social. Restaurants, retailers, movies, television shows, and more are all based on ratings and social experiences. Having someone promote your business on social media is the new “word of mouth.” Word of mouth is better than an ad – and better yet, it’s free. People trust people, but they don’t trust propaganda or scammy advertisements. When your audience starts sharing your content, be sure to thank them and “like” the share. Keep them engaged and interact with your audience to keep the voice of your brand strong.

  • Of course, you want people to promote you, but ultimately, this is your job as a marketer. Use the Twittersphere, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and any other platform to promote your brand. “If you build it, they will come,” is such an old ideology. We must reinvent our marketing efforts and start utilizing those social channels to satisfy existing customers and attract new customers. Consumers and buying habits are drastically changing, so our efforts need to change, too.

Heads up, marketing gurus! If you aren’t using video in your marketing efforts, you’re not really a guru after all. In fact, you’re more like a dinosaur that will become extinct overtime. You must evolve with your marketing efforts, starting with video. Stimulate your viewers, attract new eyes, create awesome, shareable content – and you will see an increase in revenue before you know it.

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