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How to Target B2B Customers with Social Media
LaneahSep 7, 20162 min read

How to Target B2B Customers with Social Media

Social media is the ultimate platform for engaging with customers. After all, social media networks were built for socializing. However, you have to know how to use social media to your advantage if you expect to generate more B2B leads. Simply setting up a social media business page isn't going to cut it - this isn't a case of "if you build it, they will come." The following are a few effective ways for how to target B2B customers with social media:

1. Share relevant content

You should be consistently sharing content on your social media page. By providing followers with good content, you'll help strengthen your brand's authority. In addition to sharing your own content, don't be afraid to post content that wasn't created by you if it's relevant to your audience. They will appreciate that you care about sharing content that is informative and not just your own.

2. Encourage engagement

Ask followers to comment on the content you share to encourage a conversation. The more they engage with you, the stronger of a relationship they will build with your brand. You can also just post questions on channels like Twitter or Facebook to generate comments.

3. Find the influencers

Identify who the influencers are within your industry. Begin following them on social media and begin engaging with them, whether it's by commenting on their content or sharing their content. By slowly building a relationship with them in this manner, they may end up giving you access to their audience, many of whom are most likely a part of your target audience.

4. Share the posts of B2B customers

If you've identified a company you want to do business with, begin forming a relationship with them by following them and sharing their content with your followers. They'll appreciate the free brand exposure that you are giving to them and will be more likely to listen to what you have to say.

5. Join groups

Many social channels, like Facebook or LinkedIn, have "groups" that you can join. These are communities based around certain subjects. By joining, you can participate in various discussions and provide valuable advice. This allows you to establish who you are, find new potential B2B customers and build a reputation on your brand's authority.

Social media can be an incredibly effective way to generate leads, so be sure to use these tips for how to target B2B customers with social media or partner with your favorite B2B digital marketing agency.



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