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Hiring a Creative Marketing Agency? Read this first.
KristaJan 27, 20162 min read

Hiring a Creative Marketing Agency? Read this first.

It can be a challenging task to bring an outside creative marketing agency into an organization. When looking for a creative marketing agency, aim at finding a group who can work together productively with your team. The agency will help in providing the necessary ideas and advice that will assist in meeting overall marketing objectives.

What type of relationship am I looking for?

You will want to determine whether you are looking for a strategic relationship or a vendor relationship. Both of these relationships are important at their designated times. A strategic relationship is one where both sides have invested in the success of each other working toward common goals. This type of relationship is built on trust and shared values. A vendor relationship, on the other hand, focuses on a defined scope of work without deviations. A vendor will do the quality work quickly with the aim of completing the transaction profitably, while a strategic relationship will look at the long-term value.

What are my goals?

First, determine the goals and objectives for your marketing. Then, consider how many visits, leads and conversions you need to meet your goals. The agency will bring strategies to execute, measure, analyze and achieve every aspect of the marketing strategy. If you need help determining your goals, the agency you select can help you put something in writing.

Is the agency I am interested in qualified?

You should know about the qualifications of the type of agency you want to hire. Have they done work in your industry or related fields before? Have they shown success with other clients? These are pieces that can make a marketing agency stand out. Most agencies should already have in-depth knowledge in their key areas of expertise such as data analysis, development and design.

Who will work with the agency?

In your organization, there should be someone put in charge to act as the point person and be the main contact with the agency. This will assist in creating efficient workflows and approvals with the agency to move work through quickly without any hold ups.

Can they communicate well?

Discuss the communication skills and styles of the agency in relation to your business. Understand what their communication preferences are and if they align with yours. The agency should have the necessary skills to manage projects well in addition to keeping you or your point of contact up-to-date on timelines. These skills and knowledge should be discussed during the initial phases of hiring an agency.

Before hiring a marketing agency, you need to research and have discussions with them to find out if they fit your organization. Look at the characteristics of the agency and make sure they meet your needs and will complement your business.



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