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KristaOct 31, 20237 min read

Can a HubSpot Website Redesign Boost Form Submissions and Traffic?

Having a website that leads to sales is not as easy as Field of Dreams (“If you build it, they will come.”) You must create a website that contains valuable information, looks great, and is clear and organized. Then, you must optimize your pages to draw people in. The more website traffic you have, the more you are likely to have conversions or people who visit your website and then make a sale. Some people may not be ready to purchase but are still interested in your product or service, often called subscribers or leads, and you can use form submissions to capture their information and nurture your relationship with them. 

Offering easy forms to fill out for your Contact Us page, sign up for your blog, or an offer download will reduce barriers to leads connecting with you. For example, if you only have an email address on your website instead of a contact page, there are more steps to capturing that lead’s contact information. What if they get distracted by an urgent message and forget to email you? It’s best to offer a form.

If you’re not happy with how much website traffic and lead capture your website is doing on your business’s behalf, considering a website design update or redesign may be your next step. When you entrust your website redesign to a reputable business like TANK New Media, it will become a lead and conversion-making machine, thanks to its ease of use by customers and its responsiveness to all different devices. Having such a useful website will enable you to make a better name for your brand and business because your clients will know your site is going to be easy to maneuver to find the information, products, and services they need. 

TANK New Media harnesses the awesome power of the HubSpot CMS Hub for website design and inbound marketing. It enables our clients to make crucial website edits on the fly and track customer data with ease. Below, we’ll cover the top ways HubSpot CMS Hub can help your business with a website redesign and show you a case study from one of our clients. 

Why HubSpot CMS Hub Is Great For Website Design

HubSpot’s CMS provides incredible features to the businesses that use it. Everything you need to grow your business’s online footprint is easy to understand. Here are some of our favorite features on this platform.



Using something called personalization tokens, your website or email marketing can show customized content to tracked visitors based on where they work, their role, or any other characteristic you select. This means, for example, if a business owner has contacted you and you have their information, you can add these tokens to your content to add the contact’s name or other information. According to "The New Rules of Email Marketing" by Campaign Monitor, personalized email messages have an open rate that's 26% higher.

Integrating Marketing Campaigns

Because everything from your email marketing to your web pages is located within the HubSpot Marketing Hub, it’s easier than ever to make your brand experience consistent across all channels and keep your clients and customers thinking of you fondly. Put simply, integrated marketing means making sure all your marketing channels, from your product packaging to your social media, work in tandem to sell your products or services. It also ensures all of your channels are sending the same brand messages about your brand. 

Full-circle Reporting

Blog_Content_Marketing Analytics

Using HubSpot CMS’ customizable reports and dashboards, you can easily track, report, and analyze every step of your website and conversion paths. You can build different dashboards for everyone from the C-suite to associates and provide the level of detail appropriate to each. 

Setting Clear Objectives

HubSpot’s CMS allows you to set clear objectives across channels, quickly catching your visitors’ attention. The Hub lets you identify specific goals for increasing form submissions and website traffic. In addition, you can easily use the platform to define key performance indicators you will use to measure your success. 

Optimizing Content for Traffic

HubSpot CMS Hub understands the importance of optimizing your web content to bring traffic to your website. It emphasizes high-quality, SEO-friendly content that will create an effective website content strategy for attracting organic traffic. And this platform doesn't stop there. 

Converting Traffic into Form Submissions

Once your strategies have attracted lots of organic traffic to your website, HubSpot’s CMS then utilizes compelling landing pages to capture leads’ information. 

Good landing pages are fine-tuned for the audience who clicks over to them from your ad or social post. They hit the ground running with interested leads and give them the additional information they are seeking that brings them closer to converting, signing up, or booking a call. They use lead capture forms and CTAs placed properly on the page to entice the reader to take action. 

HubSpot’s CMS also lets you implement A/B testing so you can see which version performs better in order to optimize your conversion paths. 

Enhancing User Experience

HubSpot knows there are many factors that determine whether your website will convince readers and one of the most important is whether it loads and loads fast no matter the device. Mobile optimization enables your website to be responsive to the layout and abilities of the device it is being read on, whether it’s a laptop or a smartphone. HubSpot also enables you to improve your website’s speed and performance so no lead ever clicks away out of impatience.  

Analyzing and Iterating

Finally, HubSpot lets you identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions through the use of its analytics dashboard, which tracks everything, including your website traffic and form submissions.

An HVAC Business Designs a Website to Boost Website Traffic

With the help of the HubSpot CMS Hub, we were able to improve traffic and contact capture significantly for our client, an HVAC business. We boosted their traffic by 25 percent and their new contacts by 100 percent. 

Challenges of an Outdated Website

Their site was outdated and was no longer accurately representing the business. Worse, the entire thing was built on outdated infrastructure and designs. 

Our audit showed the information wasn’t laid out in easy-to-read formats. There was a lack of flow and many large paragraphs that might make the less dedicated reader’s eyes glaze over. In addition to making it difficult for visitors to absorb the information, the website felt spread out and disconnected. 

The business wasn’t following SEO best practices on its website, leading to poor search engine results. They needed us to promote and add emphasis on how to hire an HVAC business outside of calling for 24/7 emergency repairs. 

Another issue we noticed was that the web pages were very text-heavy and needed visual elements to reinforce the copy and break it up. 

How We Updated Their Site to Improve Website Performance




We created and updated their website using the HubSpot CMS Hub and made quite a few updates to improve their website’s aesthetics and performance, which included the following: 

  • We added high-quality imagery that showcases what it’s like to work with the HVAC business. 
  • We updated the site structure and navigation, making it easy to understand where you fit in as a reader and the information and services provided in that category. We organized the website based on the audience and additional segments. We positioned content around each segment and why it matters to them. 
  • We created urgency and emphasis around working with the business and made it easier to schedule maintenance and repairs. 
  • We updated the visual treatments to match the updated brand styles across their channels. This included updating the colors throughout, utilizing lifestyle and client photography to show what clients can expect when working with the business, and creating brand patterns and a cohesive brand experience. 
  • We created an emphasis on their value propositions and what makes their business different from others in the area and in their niche. 
  • We added a quality guarantee to their website for increased authority and trust in their business. 
  • We optimized their website front and back for SEO best practices. 


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What Happened Next?

Once we made these changes for our HVAC client, they saw results within four months. Solidifying their brand presentation and improving their SEO brought more organic traffic, boosting it by 25 percent. Rewriting the web pages and adding better Call-to-actions (CTA’s)  and forms increased their captured contact information by 100 percent. 

Get More Contacts & Conversions With TANK New Media

When it comes to web development and inbound marketing, TANK New Media relies on the formidable HubSpot. Our customers can easily keep tabs on customer information and make urgent updates to their websites.

Our HVAC business customer saw a huge uptick in traffic and lead capture when we implemented the HubSpot CMS Hub. We jumped their new contact rate by 100 percent and increased their traffic by 25 percent. 

To prevent falling behind, you should use a CMS like HubSpot to constantly update your web presence in response to the market, algorithm changes, and your product lines. Continuous optimization is crucial to staying on top of the search engine results and top of mind for your customers. If you want an experienced hand guiding you in this process, set up a meeting with us to ensure your success. 




Co-founder & VP, Client Services at TANK New Media.