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Close More Deals Without Spinning Your Wheels

Many sales processes are unnecessarily complicated and lack integration with marketing efforts. Prospects and customers often wind up confused or feel misled, and ultimately lose confidence in the brand. Sales enablement aligns your marketing & sales teams so that efforts are joined and each department is supported and empowered. Imagine the possibilities of more valuable sales collateral, effective trades shows, automation triggered by sales pipeline activities, digital quote signing and more. 

Common Challenges 

  • You're having a hard time efficiently converting leads into customers. 
  • Your sales team is wasting time tedious administrative tasks.
  • You need better sales processes, technology, collateral, and automation.
  • Your sales process isn’t defined enough to scale yet.
  • Your sales team closing deals but you feel like you could be closing a lot more.


Creating consistent, realistic (but still awesome) expectations for customers, embracing today’s digital landscape and technologies, and working as one team across all departments creates a smooth path so you can drive full-speed ahead.

What a Shorter Sales Cycle Could Mean for Your Business


Client Success Story

Sales Enablement Helps Pack Leader USA Close 75% More Deals With Their Existing Sales Team. Read the full case study here.

4 Proven Steps to Enable Your Sales Team 

Sales enablement has been around for a long time, but it has recently become a more well-known term. Sales enablement is providing the sales teams with what they need to engage the buyer throughout the buying process successfully. This could include information, content, and tools that assist in closing the sale. 

But sales cannot do this alone. Marketing and sales need to support each other and align to achieve growth goals.

Here are the steps we take to optimize your sales and marketing processes so that your sales team can focus on closing sales.

1. Experience the Sales Process

Identify all the steps in the sales process by walking through the entire sales process from beginning to end. This allows us to fully understand your process as well as see gaps and streamline the steps needed to close a deal.

2. Define and Document

Once we've walked through the process, it's important to document all the steps and touch points included to close a deal. This allows us to create a sales process that is repeatable and scalable. 

3. Automate as Much as Possible


After your process is documented we look for ways to remove friction from the process. This can be through automating steps that cause delays or customer frustrations. At the end of the day this will let your sales team focus on selling. 

4. Provide Tools and Collateral to Close the Deal


It's important to provide the right tools to close deals effectively and efficiently. This may include sales collateral such as proposals, one sheets or comparison charts as well as tools that can speed up the process such as digital document signing and automate follow ups. 

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