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What does Lansing Trade Group do?

Lansing Trade Group has been growing and building relationships since 1922. With 40+ physical locations, each business unit is focused on trading commodities such as whole grains, feed ingredients, and energy products via all modes of transportation in North America and internationally. 

"Commodity trading is both the interaction with the farmer, and working with him once that grain is harvested, being able to transport that grain to storage facilities. Putting it on ships, barges, trains and transporting that throughout the US and throughout the globe. We move corn, wheat, soybeans, dry distiller grains, things that are used in pet food, and things of that nature."

What were some of the key challenges you were looking to solve with the new website?

"Each of the business units is its own separate entity and is able to perform grain trading in its own geography with different commodities in which they operate. We needed the ability to have an easy way to contact the merchant who's in your area."

As Director of IT, when did you decide it was time for a new site?

"When I arrived at Lansing, it was obvious that the website had become very outdated. We didn't really have a partner involved that could help us with refreshing, or to keep it up to date, or to keep it modernized."



Why did you choose TANK for your website redesign?

"We chose tank new media because they provided us with an understanding that they got what we were after. They walked us through the process, and they were able to help us realize what a modern new website and brand would look like for Lansing. Working with TANK New Media is like working with co-workers you want to work with. They were able to help us arrive at solutions that were good. We now have a site that we're proud to send folks to. So, I think it really is a functional site, and a very attractive site."


How would you describe the business impact of the new website?

"TANK is helping us reach our customers and have visibility. The work they've done already has laid a foundation for us. I believe that it creates ideas for us as well, where we can go in the future. Whether it's the material we have up at conferences, or the mailers that we've put together, TANK's done virtually everything for us over the last six months and will continue to do so. I strongly recommend TANK New Media to other companies. I think their ability to work side by side, to deliver results, these are the things that matter."



The ability to work side by side and deliver results quickly are the things that matter.

- Jason Sears


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