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Brand Strategy Worksheet

Use our brand strategy worksheet to identify your needs and goals — the foundation for any successful brand.

Our simple, one-page worksheet will help you establish a clear picture of where you currently stand and opportunities to grow your brand.

Create a Successful Brand Foundation

The key to building a brand strategy is knowing your needs and goals.


Identify what is working and not working with your existing brand.


Set goals for your brand and figure out how they work with your business goals.


Look at your competitors to learn how you can stand out to your target audience.

What Will You Achieve With This Worksheet?

Fill out this sheet to get a clear picture of what you’re looking to achieve as you start working through your manufacturing website design process.


Best in the Business

After about five years of working with [TANK New Media], it finally clicked — the difference between successful and unsuccessful marketing is the continual, ongoing effort. I can't help but think of a quote I heard, "The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people do consistently what unsuccessful people do periodically.

Lenny Stahl, Dakota Storage Buildings, LLC